Design Services

A baseline of the services we offer. As a full service firm we will customize our services to your needs, and this list is more of a guide than a definitive list. We are always looking for new challenges

Ground-up new and renovation services

BSB Studios has a proven track record of delivering a diverse mix of projects from initial client concept through construction. We understand your programmatic needs and can deliver a design within budget that conforms to all codes and standards.

Managing all aspects of the design & construction process.

The design is over budget. The contractor is asking for more than you expected. You have an opening date but no idea when your new building will be ready. Whether it’s a personal home or a commercial structure, you need a team to manage all the moving parts. We’re those people.

Reports and visualizations of property zoning.

With over 20 years combined experience in municipal zoning codes, our team can show you what property options you have by right, warrant and exception. Deliverables include written reports, site plans and graphic massing studies.

Planning & Zoning Board Presentations

Graphics and diagrams for public meetings.

Public meetings often require concise and informative graphics that are submitted beforehand for public comment. Whether it be a Zoning, Land Use or Historic Review our office can help you develop a concise but informative presentation that address all legal and community concerns.

Field verification and measurement services.

Our team conducts a field visit to your building or site and generates measured drawings of the current structures. For commercial clients we can generate drawings reflecting BOMA standards or Net Leasable Area. Deliverables can include AutoCAD , Revit, PDF and Printed Sets.