Project & Program Management

We place the successful delivery of our clients projects as our first priority. From selecting a design team to the day construction finishes we a can help guide the process every step of the way.

No two clients are the same.

Every project is as unique as the people it serves. Our team knows this from the beginning and takes the time to understand the challenges your project will face. We can provide an honest assessment and expert counsel on what your project will need to succeed on time and on budget.

At it’s core Project & Program Management consists of representing the owners best interests by managing aspects of the project on your behalf. This can be as simple as being a second set of eyes to review things or orchestrating everything so you can focus on other aspects of your business. This is most often refered to as being the owners representative.

Most often an Owners Representative is selected to help guide a project before the design team. We can then assist you in vetting design teams for their qualifications and previous work.

Once the design phases have started an Owners Representative typically holds all parties to agreed upon schedules for delivery and reviews everything the design team produces for concerns.

Owners Representatives typically also assist the owner in selecting a Contractor and reviewing their budgets and performance.

The importance of Project Management Services is that they are neutral, ensuring an equitable and fair process that adheres to both budget and schedule.

Management Services

Owner’s Representation
Project Management
Team Assembly and Coordination
Design Oversight
Value Engineering
Budget and Schedule Management
Construction Oversight
Change Management
Vendor Sourcing & Coordination
Furniture and Specialty Procurement

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